This is my first blog post as Head of MBA Admissions and Marketing at the Cambridge Judge Business School. I have written personal blogs before but I could never persevere for more than a year. Maybe it was because my blogs fell into the category described in this post.

I decided to start this blog really as a response to a dare. I was attending the 2010 GMAC conference (it is the biggest conference for Admission Directors globally) and wondered to myself why, despite all the air time given to the importance of social media, no business school had a social media strategy that was nothing more than posting long videos on YouTube and the occasional tweet. Why was there no business school equivalent of TUAW or Mashable, both of which I read religiously?

So I skipped any session that had social media in its title, preferring to learn about the delights of dealing with admission disasters, raising yield when scholarship dollars are limited, etc.

One of my team members asked, well if I was such a smart aleck, what was a good social media strategy for a business school. To which I replied that I didn’t know, but I would know it when I see it. (I know these were the same words that people smarter than myself have used to describe pornography, but let’s not go there).

So, I decided that I had to eat my own dog food and explore what a good social media strategy would look like in the context of the Cambridge MBA. Through this blog, I will share with you information and insights about the Cambridge MBA Admissions process, as well as my personal observations about how people should, and should not, go about choosing an MBA program. I will, however, go against one of the tenets in the mashable article and include lots of my random thoughts.

Hopefully, by the time 2011 GMAC conference rolls round, I will have more than just my own IP address visiting this blog …

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