The MBA Class of 2010

It is the end of Day 3 for the MBA Class of 2010 and, for me, it’s been a personal milestone to finally see all the people together in the School. I had already met about two-thirds of the class who attended on-campus interviews, but there was still all the deferred candidates and phone interview candidates for me to meet for the first time.

It also makes a huge difference to see the MBAs interact with one another. Of course, the on-campus interview days give us an opportunity to assess their collaboration skills but you never know what to expect until you put all 167 of them in the same hall. So far, the dynamics have been good and I have heard positive feedback from faculty and staff about our MBAs.

In summary, we have 167 MBAs from 43 nationalities. Given the very diverse group that we have, I am always apprehensive when talking about averages because there is no one average MBA. But from a statistical point of view, MBA2010 has a GMAT of 690, speaks three languages, is 30 years old and has had between 6 and 7 years of work experience.

The nature of an admissions year is such that there is little time to catch one’s breath. The first admissions deadline is just two weeks away and this weekend, we will host our first Cambridge information session of the year, while participating in the New York and DC MBA Fairs, and our alums (big shout of thanks goes out to Bud, Matt, Meghan and Jonathan) are hosting an information session in Toronto.  And so, the cycle begins again…

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