UK (non)announcement on student visas

Some of you would have read that on Tuesday, the UK Government released a document that states changes that it will make to the existing visa regime. The 60 plus page document is here.

Much of the media focused on easier routes to entry for startup entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals. But buried on page 57, section 7.9 of the document is a paragraph that reads :-

”No changes, other than those set out in 7.16 and 7.17 below, are being made to the Tier 1 (Post Study Work) Category, which caters to international graduates who have studied in the UK and want to work following their graduation.”

The reason I call this a (non) announcement is that this is NOT a response to the proposed changes to the Tier 4 student visa, under which there were proposed changes to the Tier 1 PSW visa.

I don’t know when the UK Government will announce its position on those proposed changes but you might find it interesting that MPs of the Home Affairs Select Committee have advised the Government to drop plans to abolish post study work visas.

Again, buried in the document are changes which will make it easier for holders of a PSW visa to switch to Tier 2 sponsorship. From 6 April, Tier 1 PSW visa holders in employment will be able to switch to Tier 2 after six months, and they will not be counted under the Tier 2 cap. The cap of 20,700 Tier 2 sponsorships a year will only apply to out-of-country applications.

I know that this issue has been a hot topic for discussion. I am not an immigration lawyer and so I can’t give any sort of advice but I will update this blog as and when there are news.

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7 Responses to UK (non)announcement on student visas

  1. Hi Conrad

    Thanks for your interpretation, it would a real pain to read through these 60 pages.

    Do you know if there have been any changes in regards to the “working” status of partners of students?



  2. Andrey

    At this moment, I am not aware of any changes, but there is an announcement by the UK Home Secretary at 3:30pm UK time today (22nd March) so there might be some more information then.

  3. Hi conrad,
    can u please tell me whats the exact issue about PSW.
    I am planning to apply for the MBA course will i be granted the PSW if i enroll my self for september 2011 intake????
    please revert back as soon as possible as i have to start my process once i get clear news about the PSW…

  4. Akhil

    The PSW will be closed from April 2012. Thereafter, any non-EU graduate who wants to work in the UK will have to do so under Tier 2, where they will have to get an employer to sponsor them for that visa.

    I am not an immigration solicitor and I don’t feel confident enough to give you specific advice as to whether you would be in a position to apply for a PSW before April 2012 if you were to join the September 2011 intake. I will post updates as and when we receive more clarifications.

    • It is unfortunate that the world known rule makers , England has not obeyed the rule of Law.They promised the students whocame to London before march 2012 ,by way of psw they are encouraging the students to stayback in england and work.

      But now they withdraw the promise after getting the money under the promise.They are denying psw to students even though they came to London before its abolition.
      They are puting a new practise of applying the rule to a person differently after applying the rule partly.

      In HSMP case the court held that they cannot take the promise given.If the scheme is challanged in the court ,the court will quash it.

      • current students in UK should org anise and meet the minister and explain the in justice.