Announcement expected soon on UK Post Study Work Visa

The Home Secretary is expected to announce changes to the UK Student Visas today (22nd March 2011) at 3:30 pm UK time. Some of the newspapers have already reported that the bulk of the announcement will deal with colleges that offer below-degree level courses.

For MBA candidates, the issue of greatest interest is the Post Study Work (PSW) visa, which currently allows graduates from UK institutions to stay in the UK for up to two years after graduation. There is likely to be some tightening of the PSW visa, but you can read my earlier post on changes to how the PSW visa integrates with the Tier 2 visa, and also this article that appeared on the Financial Times today, which suggests that the PSW visa will not be scrapped.

I will try to blog about my thoughts of the changes as soon as possible. I will be leaving for a week holiday so will try my best to post my thoughts before I leave.

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