More details of the changes to UK student visas

The UK Border Agency has issued this 2 page document that gives more detail to the announcement on changes to the UK student visas.

It clarifies some issues which were unclear, at least to me, from reading the media reports.

Firstly, dependents of our MBAs will be allowed to work.

Secondly, our students will be able to switch to Tier 2 without being counted against the annual Tier 2 quota (“there will be no limit to such switchers”) and employers need not use the Resident labour market test. This is on condition that the student finds employment while he or she is in the UK and before their student visa expires.

What is very interesting is that the UK Government has now committed itself to devising a visa route for student entrepreneurs “with a great idea”. We will have to wait to see what the details are but this sounds very promising.

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6 Responses to More details of the changes to UK student visas

  1. One correction. According to the document, students are only allowed to sponsor dependents on courses of more than 12 months. We will have to study the details when they are published to see how this affects a 12 month program like the Cambridge MBA

  2. Conrad,

    First, thanks for the full-coverage on such an important issue, specially if you are about to face a life change experience in UK

    Second, the “genuine student entrepreneurs” really sounds great, it will certainly incentive international student to bring new start-up ideas to UK and to “develop their business proposition”. Really looks promising.

  3. I was wondering that UK has always been recognised as generating new ideas and basic science, but not so succesfull exploiting them, maybe the entrepreneur visa might help with this issue.

  4. Hi Conrad,

    Just now I checked the UK Visas Govt. website,

    I found the below information-
    Can my dependants work in the UK?

    From 3 March 2010, for family members of Tier 4 (General) Students only – if your grant of leave is for a course of study below degree level, that is not a foundation degree course, your family member will not be allowed to work whilst in the United Kingdom.
    How long will I be able to stay in the UK?


    If you are in receipt of official financial sponsorship and your sponsor places a limit on the period you may stay in the UK, the grant of leave will be limited in line with your official financial sponsor’s requirements.

    Degree level or above

    On a course of 12 months or more: the full length of the course plus 4 months after the end of your course;
    Hence, it seems a dependent of a Student (Visa) can work despite the course being of 12-months duration.

    Do you have any updated information in this regard?
    I will appreciate if you can put some light on my question.

    Thank You

    • Viv

      Based on the latest information, dependents of students in the Cambridge MBA can work in the UK, but I suggest you check carefully to see what rules apply to you and your dependent as each individual case might be different, and I am not an immigration solicitor so I can’t give specific advice.

      • Hey Conrad

        Are you saying that Cambridge MBA got some clearance for it?

        By the way, I’m an aspiring MBA and I’m looking to join an MBA program in 2012. It is an essential factor in my decision making about an MBA whether my dependent can work.

        I was really inclined towards the Cambridge MBA earlier, but after the recent visa changes I had crossed it from my list. Looks like I may have to rethink here.