BW looking at ways to revamp and re-energise rankings?

A recent article disclosed the departures of the two top editors of Bloomberg Business Week’s business education team. I have no way of verifying whether this news is accurate and, unlike the author of the article, I am in position nor care to speculate.


However, I did respond to one person who asked in the comments section about the absence of CJBS from the Business Week ranking and I thought that it would be useful to reproduce my comments here.


“We were not included because of a low recruiter response rate. We sent BW a list of 30 recruiter contacts but the way the rankings work is that BW does not necessarily approach these recruiters. Instead, they will approach one person from that organisation who is on their database. Given that we are a small school with a geographically diverse student body who work all over the world, it is possible that the person BW approaches might not be aware of the number or quality of our students who work in that organisation, especially if the organisation has a decentralised recruitment process.
To take a concrete example, at the moment, one of the top strategy management consulting firms is one of our top employers from last year’s class. And I will be upfront to say that because of our small class size, our top employers don’t hire large numbers of our students. But because the students are placed in offices with separate recruitment processes, I am not sure whether putting them down as a recruiter is such a good idea for next year’s BW rankings if BW is going to approach someone in that organisation, say based in the US, who was not involved in the recruitment process.
It is quite frustrating to be excluded from the rankings because our employment stats are strong. In the 2013 FT rankings, 97% of our students were employed three months after graduation which is one of the highest among the top 50 schools. It is also frustrating given the resources needed to complete the BW rankings survey.
I am encouraged that BW is looking to revamp and re-energise the rankings and I would be happy to share my views with BW.”

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