Look before you leap — the FT’s headline not mine

I recently had the pleasure of participating in an interview with the FT Business Education editor Della Bradshaw about MBAs applying to programmes outside their home country. I don’t do this often and I find it terribly uncomfortable watching myself on video. I keep asking myself why didn’t someone tell me that my glasses look like they were about to slip off my nose?

On a more serious note, I had prepared several talking points but I couldn’t find the opportunity to raise these issues during the interview. The most important point that I had wanted to make was those students who were applying to an overseas MBA should start building a network in their home country even before they leave for their MBA. This means talking to your contacts, telling them that you will be leaving for an MBA, explaining your motivations for an MBA and giving them some idea of what you want to do after your MBA. Whether or not you return to your home country post-MBA, it is important to keep your home network apprised of developments on your end. They will then be able to help you look for opportunities, give you advice, or introduce you to the right people.

So remember, don’t wait till you start your MBA to build your network.


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