What I am reading and listening to this Bank Holiday weekend

Coming from Singapore where all holidays have specific dates, it was quite a change for me to find out that in the UK, all the public holidays intentionally fall on a Monday with the exception of Christmas and New Year’s Day. Public holidays are also called Bank Holidays here.

This Monday the 30th of May is a Bank Holiday and while many of my colleagues are taking the opportunity to go on holiday, I will be staying in Cambridge trying to do some cycling to increase my mileage to date, listen to music and read some books.

My reading list this weekend comprises “Act Like a Leader, Think Like A Leader” by Herminia Ibarra. Ibarra draws upon her experience running leadership development programs to distill insights into how many people’s careers derail when they are given new managerial responsibilities, or when the environment changes such that their job requirements change. I was interested to read the book because as the academic year draws to an end for our MBAs, I began to think about how our MBAs will handle the career transitions that all of them will be making very soon.

And this is what I will be listening to this weekend. Let me know of any other musical recommendations that you might have.

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