A new road

After more than five years and 127 posts, I have decided that we will close this blog because of a combination of reasons.

Firstly, I have recently taken on a new role as the Executive Director of the Cambridge MBA. Karen Siegfried, a great friend and mentor, stepped down from that role to return to the US and start a new venture. I was fortunate and honoured that I was successful in my application to take over as Executive Director and started in this new role on 15th May.

While I have taken on additional responsibilities over the years, first adding the careers team and now the programme team, the blog has stuck to the admissions sphere. Over the last few months, I did feel that this focus on admissions was a bit restrictive and that explains why my last post was almost 4 months ago. I did think about changing the scope of the blog to include careers and the programme side of things but this leads to the second reason why we are closing the blog — we have more social media outreach now.

When I first started the blog, we were only just experimenting with using Facebook and Twitter to connect with our candidates. Today, we use linkedin, our website, twitter, weibo, WeChat, youtube, and other blogs for students to write about their experiences.

It will be sad for me personally to stop contributing to this blog. I enjoyed writing the posts and responding to comments, some of which were from candidates who later joined our programme and became great alums. The blog was very successful at one point when it had more average monthly visitors than the school website. This was a statistic that I was not proud of because that showed how poor our school website was at the time but I am happy it has now improved greatly and we no longer need to rely on this blog to connect with our candidates.

My team knows that I am a social media nut and I am always looking for new ways to connect with people although I still don’t get Snapchat. I enjoy the longform format that a blog provides so I am working with the team to launch a podcast series. So stay tuned.

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