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Cambridge MBA Silicon Valley Trek 2011 – Day 1

This year, a group of students from the Cambridge Judge Business School MBA class have travelled to Silicon Valley to meet some of today’s most interesting and pioneering businesses in arguably the world’s most important centre for innovation. This student initiated trip has been designed to complement the innovation, finance and entrepreneurship elements of the… Continue Reading

Flash employment numbers for MBA2010

One of my responsibilities is compiling data for the respective rankings that the Cambridge MBA participates in. I have just submitted the school data for the Economist MBA rankings, which will be published later this year, and the results look encouraging. We have maintained, or done better, in all but one category, which is the… Continue Reading

What got me hopping mad on Saturday

“Why Cambridge?” asked a prospective candidate at the QS MBA fair in London. I was so mad that, without thinking, I snapped back, “Tell me why I should answer that question.” My more diplomatic colleague, probably seeing that this could get ugly, quickly interjected by asking the candidate, “Why you?”. It was not my best 5 minutes and… Continue Reading

What is an MBA for?

Someone forwarded me this article from the Straits Times, the most widely-read English daily in Singapore, titled “Does an MBA really help in your career?” Since access to the Straits Times requires a paid subscription, I will summarise the main points. Jim Rogers, who made billions trading commodities, said that ‘much of what you learn… Continue Reading

Can you be too old for an MBA?

“It might be better for you if you did not apply to our MBA.” That’s what representatives from two MBA programs told one prospective candidate. Now, I am a firm believer in being clear about the people you don’t want on your program and, in many cases, communicating that forcefully. However, what shocked me was the reason they… Continue Reading

The power of observation

I came across a fascinating article ( about how Herman Miller designed a new hospital ward (I am writing this at home while sitting on my Herman Miller Aero). What I found really interesting about this article was Herman Miller’s product development process. A lot of time was spent observing doctors, nurses, patients interact with… Continue Reading

Stretching the admissions year

One of the first things that my predecessor warned me about when I took the job was how the admissions cycle had a way of stretching itself over the entire year. What she had meant was how last-minute issues with candidates would crop up such that by the time the entire class was confirmed, it was time… Continue Reading