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Full of energy and strong networks based on real friendship. An interview with Head of Alumni Relations

One of the main factors that MBA candidates consider when deciding on a programme is the school’s alumni network. I was very privileged that Gill Parker, our new Head of Alumni Relations, agreed to be interviewed by me. This is the first audio podcast that we are hosting on the admissions blog so if you like,… Continue Reading

My trip to the UAE or how I’d like to meet the Middle East entrepreneurs

I have just returned from a three day trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi where I met prospective MBA candidates and representatives from the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA). It was my first trip to the Middle East in five years and much has changed since. Dubai’s reputation as a financial centre took a serious… Continue Reading

Beliefs and the Herd. Or my thoughts about the Cambridge MBA after an evening in Singapore

I’ve spent the last four weeks in Asia, partly on holiday (or more accurately giving my parents a chance to dote on their 9-month old grand-daughter) and partly for work. I met several companies who were interested to learn more about the Cambridge MBA students and hosted an information session for a roomful of prospective candidates.… Continue Reading

Germany, T-shaped leadership, and product innovation. All in one evening

About 40 people attended the Cambridge MBA information session in Munich last week. We were very fortunate that Prof Christoph Loch, Director of the Business School, spared some time from his schedule to speak to prospective candidates and we were grateful that four alums (Betrand, Andreas, Bing and Axel) could join us that evening. Best of all,… Continue Reading

Africa’s time

Someone shared this interesting set of articles that Goldman Sachs wrote about Africa with me today. It is well-worth a read but in summary, the set of articles is optimistic about Africa’s economic growth. The global rise in demand for commodities kick-started the current spurt in Africa’s growth but it has been a combination of… Continue Reading

Are MBAs Brandwashed?

I had the pleasure of attending a talk at the business school a few weeks ago by Martin Lindstrom, an advertising guru who was discussing ideas in his new book, Brandwashed. Martin lifted the lid on the subtle ways that advertisers use to embed images, sounds and even smells into our subconsciousness in ways that will ultimately… Continue Reading

Glimpse into the future

I always make the point to candidates that while Cambridge has a rich history stretching back more than 800 years, it is Cambridge’s future that is just as exciting. Technologies of the future are being developed all around the business school and that is a rich environment for our MBAs to be immersed in. This… Continue Reading


I spent the last week in Singapore hosting a dinner for alumni, an information session for prospective candidates and meeting some companies in Singapore. The dinner with alums was a truly multi-generational affair as we had alums from MBA2007 all the way to the current class, MBA2010, and students who will only start their MBA in a… Continue Reading


I was bowled over by the reception at yesterday evening’s information session in Shanghai when more than double the number of registrants attended the information session. I have to thank Winston (MBA2008), Wu Ling (MBA2006) and Sylvian (MBA2005) for helping out at the session yesterday. They shared their stories of the Cambridge MBA and if… Continue Reading