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Cambridge MBA Silicon Valley Trek 2011 – Day 4

We started our 4th and final day at HealthTap “a free online ‘expert health companion’ that helps users get more accurate, personalized answers to health-related concerns.” The main purpose of this meet was to gain some advice on entrepreneurship in the technology and healthcare space. We had a fantastic discussion with the CEO Ron Gutman about his entrepreneurial successes, which we learnt a great deal from. Ron walked us through his experience as a CEO of Wellsphere and onto Healthtap so far. We got insightful tips on how to successfully start and grow companies. We were grateful for the time Ron has taken out of his busy schedule to talk to us. Looking forward to the future success of HealthTap.

Moving from HealthTap, we rushed on our way to Google. Although, we had passed the Mountain View campus a few times in the week, we still ended up getting lost in the huge campus. Finally, found parking and ran over to the meeting with the AdMob team. AdMob was an extremely successful startup that got Apple and Google into a bidding war to acquire them. This was a very interesting meet and gave us good insights into post merger integration process and culture at Google. Google campus was an good way to end our trip as it epitomizes the laid back Silicon Valley work culture.

It just hit us that this was the real end of our MBA as we bid our final goodbyes to the group. This has been an awesome trek and a major highlight of the MBA Program. We learned so much about the importance of the right people and culture, reinforcing the kind of things that we learned in our OB course during the first term of the MBA. Certainly a trip we would recommend the future classes to take up. A great addition to the annual Silicon Valley comes to Cambridge event (#svc2c) as well as courses such as New Venture Finance by Randy Haykin/Venture Capital & Entrepreneurial world by John Glynn.

Signing out! (Feel free to reach out to us)

– Pratik Shah, Osita Onugha, Samir Shah, Matt Winch, Matt Jenkins, Axel Wittman,  Sharifah Bakar Ali, Suria Ab Rahman, Michal Obloj, Michel Wenger, Tim Lee & Nils Sandberg

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