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Flash employment numbers for MBA2010

One of my responsibilities is compiling data for the respective rankings that the Cambridge MBA participates in. I have just submitted the school data for the Economist MBA rankings, which will be published later this year, and the results look encouraging. We have maintained, or done better, in all but one category, which is the… Continue Reading


One aspect that I have always been proud of about Cambridge is the level of openness that our senior members of staff have with students. The Director of the MBA addressed the MBA students on Monday and discussed the FT rankings, putting into context the areas where we have improved and areas where we need… Continue Reading

Can you be too old for an MBA?

“It might be better for you if you did not apply to our MBA.” That’s what representatives from two MBA programs told one prospective candidate. Now, I am a firm believer in being clear about the people you don’t want on your program and, in many cases, communicating that forcefully. However, what shocked me was the reason they… Continue Reading