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MBA2011 Round1

Just as MBA2010 gets into swing, we have just closed the first round of applications for MBA2011. This year, we received a significant increase in applications compared to last year which is encouraging in what many schools feel will be a difficult period for MBA recruitment.

We invested a considerably amount of resources to implement an online application system last year and although there are still some teething problems, the system has worked well so far. Although there is a big increase in applications, we have actually been able to read all the applications in half the time that it took last year.

This increase in speed has not come at the expense of comprehensiveness — there are at least two readers for all applications that are shortlisted for interviews. What’s more, this year, I have started to call certain candidates personally to clarify aspects of their application before making a final decision on whether to invite them for an interview. So far, this has proven to be a great platform for me to better assess candidates and feedback from these candidates has been positive.

If you applied in Round 1, you will receive an email from us on Friday 15th October informing you of your application decision. If you have not applied yet, the next deadline is 6th December.