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Responding to the Japan earthquake and tsunami

It’s been slightly more than a week since the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan. The scale of the disaster is enormous and is only dwarfed by the stoic heroism shown by many Japanese.

When the earthquake struck, the Cambridge MBA students were starting the busiest week of their term, with assignments due, exams to sit, job interviews to go for, and the Global Consulting Project to prepare for. Nonetheless, I have been impressed and humbled with how our students have responded.

One of our Japanese students started a facebook group for people to share inspiring stories of kindness that they have witnessed in the aftermath of the tragedy. A simple idea no doubt, but one that is immensely powerful. I can’t do justice to the impact that it has had but you can read about it in this interview by ABC.

I have also been impressed by the fact that all our Japanese students completed their assignments while still finding time to contact family and friends in Japan everyday. Another student in the school quickly set up a website to help those affected to find lost possessions.

We have a sizeable number of Japanese students and alumni, that reflects Japan’s position as the third largest economy in the world. And, judging by how they have responded to the crisis, I am confident that they will make us even prouder when they contribute to the massive rebuilding and recovery process for Japan.

On our part, we extended the admission deadlines for those affected by the earthquake. And we were all relieved to learn, through email or facebook, that all the MBA2011s and their families were safe. Our thoughts are with you.