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More details of the changes to UK student visas

The UK Border Agency has issued this 2 page document that gives more detail to the announcement on changes to the UK student visas.

It clarifies some issues which were unclear, at least to me, from reading the media reports.

Firstly, dependents of our MBAs will be allowed to work.

Secondly, our students will be able to switch to Tier 2 without being counted against the annual Tier 2 quota (“there will be no limit to such switchers”) and employers need not use the Resident labour market test. This is on condition that the student finds employment while he or she is in the UK and before their student visa expires.

What is very interesting is that the UK Government has now committed itself to devising a visa route for student entrepreneurs “with a great idea”. We will have to wait to see what the details are but this sounds very promising.

Announcement on UK Post Study Visas.

The UK Home Secretary Theresa May made the following announcement this afternoon. The main impact of these changes will be felt by private colleges that offer courses below the degree level. From an MBA perspective, the main announcements are :- i. Students will now have to show evidence of financial means to study (this does… Continue Reading

UK (non)announcement on student visas

Some of you would have read that on Tuesday, the UK Government released a document that states changes that it will make to the existing visa regime. The 60 plus page document is here. Much of the media focused on easier routes to entry for startup entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals. But buried on page… Continue Reading